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The games are cool but I've been losing a lot. They say they're about responsible gambling but where are the resources? I'm just not sure this is for me. Their live betting feature is okay, I guess, but nothing to rave about. Also, the stats they show during games could be better.

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Man, Playabets has been so bad. Tried to get my winnings out and it took forever. The bonus? Good luck figuring out their terms. Odds are low too. The customer service was no help. Wouldn't recommend. Don't get swayed by their flashy promos. I wish I'd read the fine print earlier.

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I thought Playa Bets would be a good betting site, but man, I was wrong. The site's got plenty of sports, but that's where the good stuff ends. I've had issues with my account, and their customer service is slow as molasses. Plus, the odds ain't worth my time. I'm moving on and taking my money to a better betting site.

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I've been with Playa Bets for a year, and it's all good times. Site's easy to use, never had issues with deposits or taking out my winnings. Heaps of sports to bet on and odds are fair enough. I'd tell anyone looking for a reliable betting site in South Africa to check out Playa Bets.

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I was proper gutted with my experience at Playa Bets. Customer service was missing in action and getting my winnings was a nightmare. Not worth the trouble at all.

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Playa Bets is an alright betting site. Odds are so-so and the site works fine.

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I was so let down by Playa Bets. Been using them for ages with no issues, but lately, I hit some snags. Firstly, the odds were way worse than other sites. Then, when I tried to bet, the site kept hanging and my bet wouldn't go through.

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I had a terrible time with Playa Bets. Signed up, made a deposit, then when I wanted to bet, my account got locked. I tried customer service, but they were ghosts. After a week of trying, I gave up and asked for a withdrawal, but that got denied too, no reason given. I'm seriously unhappy with how it went down and won't suggest Playa Bets to anyone.

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Ive been using Playa Bets for a few months now and its been nothing but problems. The website is always slow and it takes forever to load, and when it does finally load, half the time my bets dont even go through. And when I do manage to place a bet, the odds are always terrible. Ive had it with this place, im taking my money somewhere else.

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I've been using Playa Bets for about a year now and I've had nothing but good experiences. The website is easy to navigate and I've never had any issues with making deposits or withdrawing my winnings. The variety of sports available for betting is impressive and the odds are always fair. Highly recommend Playa Bets to anyone looking for a reliable online betting platform in South Africa.

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