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The sports welcome bonus is a trap, trust me. You gotta bet 3x your deposit at crazy odds to even see it. And don't even think about playing casino games for it. I feel like they're making us jump through hoops. The best way is to just stay away from these so-called bonuses.

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Hey! The live casino games are great and customer service is fast. I felt like a VIP, for real. They actually do a good job in making you feel special. However, that's just a mask covering the mess that is their bonus system. It doesn't align with the quality of the games and service.

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Betway sucks! Put in cash a few days back and my bonus ain't come through yet. I been calling customer service loads and they just been messing with me. They keep saying they'll check it out and call back, but nothing. When I try to log in, it's saying my account's suspended. I'm so mad with this site. I'm telling all my mates to stay away from Betway.

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I'm well chuffed with Betway! The site is dead simple to use, and I've had no troubles with putting in or taking out money. They've got loads of sports to bet on, and the odds are great. I've told all my mates about Betway.

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I've been on Betway for some time now, and it's alright. Navigating the site is easy and the odds ain't bad. But, they could offer more sports to bet on. All in all, I ain't got big issues.

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I can't stand Betway no more! Tried to give them a chance, but they keep messing up. My bets are often lost, and their site is full of errors. It's like they don't care 'bout us regular folk. And forget 'bout customer service, they're slow as molasses and no help at all. I'm done with Betway, and I'm warning my friends to stay clear.

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So angry right now! Been using Betway for some months and thought it was going smooth. Made a few withdrawals and they were done quick. But then I tried to take out cash last week and it's stuck on "pending" for days. Called customer service and they just told me to wait. Wait for what? I need my money! And they keep sending me emails and texts 'bout their bonuses and deals. Like, do they take me for a fool?

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I am so happy with Betway! The site is super easy to use and I have had no problems with deposits or withdrawals. I love that they have a huge variety of sports to bet on and the odds are always really good. I have recommended Betway to all my friends.

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I have been using Betway for a few months now and it's been okay. The site is easy to navigate and the odds are good. However, I do feel like there could be more options for sports to bet on. But overall, I have no major complaints.

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I don't know what's going on with this Betway site, but it's a mess. First off, the interface is confusing and it's hard to find what you're looking for. Then, when I tried to place a bet, it kept saying that there was an error and I couldn't do it. I even tried on the app and it was the same thing. I also had a problem with a deposit that took forever to go through. I don't know if it's just me or what, but I'm not impressed with Betway at all. I'm sticking to my usual bookie from now on.

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